He’s Here

(PROLOGUE) (Taken from the daily newspaper) -U N P R E C E D E N T E D- “Thomas Lee Strikes Back” Reporter: Alan Black With the close call from last week, Thomas Lee strikes back! The infamous serial killer managed to kill dozens in a single night. Police are still… (Taken from the […]


The famous tale of the beautiful Snow White has traveled around the world for centuries. Mylady with skin as fair as snow and lips as red as roses has a special place in every little girl’sheart. I’ve read every version of her story as the years have gone by, however, never in my longlife have […]


I arrive hastily, clutching my coat. After exhaling sharply, I begin walking in confidentstrides across the room.The mayor glares at me with shock and discontentment. I had been scrupulous inpreparing my solution for the town. Now, I only had to present my idea.“The town has been perturbed regarding the infamous rat infestation. Thankfully, beingthe Pied […]


TW//ABUSE Panicked, bruised and out of touch with my surroundings, I made my way to the train station. It had been a while since the news had presented a piece on the gruesome and soulless murder of one Lilly James – a 23-year-old woman from the state of Texas – whom I killed that wintery […]

The Show Mustn’t Go On

Earlier this year, Pakistani producers were left appalled when viewers gave preference to a foreign film such as; Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness as opposed to local content. A press conference was held, and the Prime Minister of Pakistan was also requested to facilitate and support the local entertainment industry. The situation raised […]

Dark Salvation

18th November 1978. It has been an exceptionally long day. You could smell the exhaust and defeat in the air. Congressman Ryan came today to the compound. People wanted to leave with him. The impending sense of doom is ever so present. “White Night! White Night! Your lives are in danger.” The announcement is being […]