I arrive hastily, clutching my coat. After exhaling sharply, I begin walking in confident
strides across the room.
The mayor glares at me with shock and discontentment. I had been scrupulous in
preparing my solution for the town. Now, I only had to present my idea.
“The town has been perturbed regarding the infamous rat infestation. Thankfully, being
the Pied Piper, I know the perfect way to lure the rats out of town. Of course, my
services are costly.”
I sigh, watching the mayor from the corner of my eye as I reveal the most crucial detail.
“I want a thousand guilders,” I say, my sharp blue eyes glaring at him.
The mayor staggers back momentarily. He then collects himself and smiles faintly. “Fifty
thousand!” he replies, grinning.
I feel immensely ecstatic and relieved. Fifty thousand guilders. It is a dream come true.
Truth be told, I have children of my own. I can barely get food for them, let alone a
sustainable house. I need money, lots of it.
I dutifully carry out the mayor’s job. I feel prepared to bring not only peace to this town
but peace to my two sons as well.
I place my fingers cautiously onto the pipe. Soon enough I am playing it effortlessly. I
look back as I march victoriously through the streets. As expected, the rats follow me,
entranced by the music. I lead them to the river, where they meet their demise.
Within due time, I am standing before the mayor, waiting for my payment. I hear him
laugh and state, “It was a light-hearted joke”. He claims that he would be unable to pay
me that much. The townspeople agree with him.
This blatant refusal to pay my hard earned money fills my heart with pure hatred as I
stare down at the mere 50 guilders that had been handed to me.
Promises are broken every day. Somehow, we still feel shocked when we are betrayed.
My mind races as I think of my children. Fifty guilders is not enough to sustain myself
adequately. How will I facilitate them?
At that moment, I hit a great epiphany. I let it simmer in my mind until it festers into a
conniving revenge scheme.
The next night, I am in the town, standing alone in my long coat. I play fluently, my eyes
closed as the notes rhythmically flow in the street.
I hear doors opening and closing behind me. Within minutes, I gather all the children of
the town and advance towards the mountain.
The parents watch helplessly, thinking of me as a heartless creature. What they do not
see is they were the ones who chose to leave my children starving. They were no better
than me.
I play three notes, and the mountain splits open. I enter, the children following
unwillingly. Soon after, I play three more notes.
The adults find themselves behind the closed mountain, while I stare at the fruits of my
labor. All these children are now alienated from their town. I will raise them to be pipers,
just like me.
This way the citizens of the town will pay!
For their children will become the very thing they despised!