Injustice: Gods Among Us

Rating: 5/5

Published from January 2013 to September 2016 by DC Comics. A video game
adaptation of the same name was released in 2013, and a sequel named “Injustice 2”
was released in 2017. An animated movie adaptation was released in late 2021.
Injustice: Gods Among Us stands as one of the most popular DC storylines of all time.

Brief Synopsis:
This comic tells the story of a Superman who has gone rogue after the Joker tricks him
into murdering his wife and son and nuking his city, Metropolis. Superman becomes an
essential dictator and forces leaders worldwide to stop all warfare and bloodshed. If anyone did not comply, he was to kill them. All Justice League members side with him,
except for Batman, who is determined to make him see the light again. This five-volume
series follows the battles between Batman’s Insurgency and Superman’s Regime.

Personal Review:
My favorite Justice League story, Injustice: Gods Among Us, explores the possibility of
an evil, ruthless Superman. While his ideology is correct, that no one should ever suffer
as he did, his methods are undoubtedly wrong. As stated by Batman multiple times,
Superman never really took the time to process the loss he had to face in the form of
losing his wife, child, and city. We see him channeling his anger and fury by first
murdering the Joker, ending it all.

While both Batman and Superman have the same principles, I am finally able to
understand what Batman meant all those years when he said he would never break his
code. “It starts with one, and it just gets easier every time” is what he stated throughout
his life, and Superman proves him right. Superman did break the code once, and
throughout the comic, he had more reasons to justify his actions, the killings. It was like
watching a symbol of hope who lost all his meaning and resorted to pure mayhem and
annihilation of those who did not seem to fit his ‘criteria’ of being decent citizens.

What is even more heartbreaking or, better yet, terrifying is that he shows no remorse for
his actions, thinking of himself as the ultimate being. Batman, too, has lost everything, his parents, two of his sons, his father-figure, everyone. And yet we never see him cross
that red line, the line drawn between the titles of a Protector and a Dictator. An
essential civil war amongst the Justice League, it is incredibly pleasurable to watch two
opposing beliefs clash, a match between good and evil.