To sum up the whole drama, it’s a devil beating another devil. An Italian mafia against a psychotic serial killer disguised as a successful businessman. The plot, the twists, and the characters all give a punch. The story is beyond beautiful and no words can explain how good the drama is.

The male lead, Song Joon-ki, is honestly the best person to play Vincenzo’s character. He captures every emotion beautifully, making the story even better. What’s even shocking is that the villain doesn’t even seem like the bad guy at first, it just happens and then you start noticing the small things which just make sense after.

Not to mention the OSTs that are to die for. Also, when the drama is coming to an end, it becomes too painful, heartbreaking and a hectic rollercoaster ride. Lastly, of course, the last episode; let’s just say the way everything ended got me excited but nervous at the same time. I wanted to watch all of it but at the same time, I just couldn’t. It was terrifyingly amazing.