By Samiya Sohail

I would rate this masterpiece a 5/5.
This book was everything you look for in a good romance novel. The story of two traumatized
individuals, finding solace in each other is a remarkable plot, depicted beautifully by Mia
The stroy begins by narrating Bree’s past and why she suddenly finds herself fleeing to a
different state, escaping a chaotic life. The narrative presents a dual point of view, alternating
between Bree and Archer. Archer’s past was introduced and readers were shown why he
couldn’t speak anymore. The love story that blossomed between them was beautiful, to say the
least. Mia Sheridan’s portrayal of a male character, as a woman writer, is a breath of fresh air.
Both characters, hurt and broken, manage to save each other while also saving themselves.
Bree feels like Archer is different, which is what she finds attractive about him, but at some point
in the novel, she starts to feel that he is no different, especially when he abandoned her.
This turn of events had me on the edge of my seat, I wanted them to end up together, to fight
against the odds, to overcome the obstacles that Archer’s family brought between them, but
soon when I realized why Archer did what he did, I was in awe. It gave quite a meaningful
lesson; that you cannot be in love with anyone, and be in a happy relationship unless you love
yourself enough to not be emotionally dependent on that person. Archer taught me that.
In the end, the way Archer used his voice without actually being able to speak was the perfect
ending to this book.
The book was an easy read, and I loved everything about it, finishing it in one sitting.