Our Beloved Summer – KDRAMA REVIEW

This was one of the most beautiful romances in Kdrama I have ever seen. From the OST to the scenes to the plot itself was phenomenal. It’s a slow burn, but it makes sure that it doesn’t drag the story too much. Every character is relatable and I love the actors. Their acting and the roles they were given somehow fit so well that it’s as if it was made for them.
The way the two leads pretend as if they know what’s going on but in reality, they’re so lost in everything, especially what they want, just hits home. The ending was perfect and, in my opinion, the last episode was the best one. Everything slowly came full circle and just warmed my heart. From cheering for them to falling in love with them; I loved every moment of it. On top of everything, the male lead draws beautifully and since I love drawing myself, it was a plus point.
What’s amazing is that this Kdrama has a WEBTOON as well, and since I’ve read it 1 or 2 years before seeing the drama it’s like a hit of nostalgia. Highly recommended if you don’t mind a slow burn because the wait is definitely worth it.