Corporate Through A Lens

When my CAIE’S finally ended, after what felt like ages, all I planned to do was lie in bed and chill. Instead, Nixor offered a better and far more exciting alternative. Thus, I was introduced to the world of ‘Summer Corporate’. From head-start and enrichment classes to sports, everything was being offered. However, the biggest attractions were the entities and the promising propositions they had to offer.

From the numerous choices being offered, I chose to opt for two entities, meanwhile also taking part in the Basketball and Table Tennis classes being held at Nixor.

My experience with both entities was pleasantly surprising. The level of professionalism adopted by the executives was an incredible sight to see. Despite having masses of volunteers, the entities were able to handle every situation accordingly and tried their utmost best at giving every volunteer a chance to experience summer corporate in its full swing.

The events I had the opportunity to attend in summer corporate were not that many, but they fully gave me the idea of the hard work and perseverance that is required to arrange such innovative projects that turn out to be huge successes. The drive of the executives to make their entity prosper portrays itself in these events.

The successful execution of their events is only possible because of the number of departments that each entity has, which handle respective sections of each organization and guarantee the smooth running of the society itself. Towards the end of summer corporate, we were asked to choose our preferable departments in which we would be interested, and workshops were held with each department in which the department heads gave an overview of each of their duties to help us in choosing what is better suited for us.

The sports classes were an experience of their own. The combined diligent efforts of the respective sports teachers and the A2s who took out time specifically to help train us show the passion and dedication of every single person to their sport.

It was the main reason why my summer was so vibrant and lively, and it kept me active as well as occupied throughout. All in all, summer corporate a one experience that I was glad to be a part of.