By Aleena Akhtar

In the campus of Habib University, from October 27th to 29th, the stage was set for HUMUN, a
three-day debate competition that brought together students from various colleges and schools.
The opening ceremony was held on the 27th of October where the delegates were briefed about
the whole competition and the executive council of HUMUN was introduced. Dua Mukhtiar, an
AS student of Nixor College describes HUMUN as one of the biggest MUNs held in Karachi and
a great opportunity for her to learn from the best in the MUN circuit there. 30 students from Nixor
College attended and were divided into teams. The students had shown great enthusiasm and
participation on all 3 days. Zebber Faisal Mirza, an AS student in Nixor College recounts his
experience by saying, “The entire event was very tiring and tough but I was able to learn a lot of
things that I was unaware of”. As for awards, Cedar College won the ‘Best Delegation’ award,
while Nixor College received recognitions in several other categories. They secured the
‘Runner-Up’ position, and a multitude of students achieved outstanding honors. For example,
Annan Shah and Rafay Abbas who won the ‘Best Delegate’ award. The juniors also showed
exemplary performance. Congratulations to the MUN team and to all the students who won and