Teacher Assistant Tips for Success

By Talha Syed Faisal

Students often seek guidance to excel academically, and two dedicated Teacher Assistants (TAs), Shanzay and Areesha, offer valuable advice to help students succeed in their studies.

Effective Interaction with TAs

Areesha advises students to ask specific questions during TA office hours, emphasizing the importance of focused queries. Shanzay, an Academic Affairs Committee member, recommends
that students bring questions they can’t understand, to make the most of these sessions.

Mastering Study Techniques

Areesha suggests practicing past papers and understanding marking schemes, especially in economics as she considers it vital. Shanzay reinforces this, highlighting the importance of past papers and marking schemes to improve answers.
Effective Communication
Both TAs stress upon open communication. Areesha urges that students privately reach out to her for guidance through texts or voice messages, as it is an effective way to get answers.

Maximizing Feedback

Shanzay suggests students write their answers and get them checked, emphasizing the learning opportunity in feedback. While Areesha encourages students to practice and improve through feedback.

Staying Organized and Managing Time

Areesha recommends daily note revision and simultaneous practice of MCQs and past papers for effective time management.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Shanzay warns against neglecting the answer format, while Areesha cautions against missing evaluations and not considering both sides.

Active Participation and Collaboration

Both TAs, who also serve on the Academic Affairs Committee, urge students to form study groups and engage in discussions.


Subject-Specific Resources


Areesha suggests using Z notes, teacher notes, the business book, and Redspot solved past
papers for revision.

Incorporate these insights to enhance your academic journey. Shanzay and Areesha have
provided valuable guidance, and we would like to extend our gratitude in their dedication to helping fellow students.