Nixor Day 2023: Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

By Zakariya Samir

In a vibrant celebration of Nixor College’s 15th birthday, the Nixor Day Carnival came to life on
the 21st of October 2023, igniting a day filled with excitement, competition, and unity. Held at the
lively Chunky Monkey amusement park, the event unfolded from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, offering
Nixor students a chance to immerse themselves in an array of exhilarating rides and facilities.
The Nixor Day Carnival was more than just fun; it was a noble cause in action. Organized by the
Nixor Student Government (NSG), the carnival served as a fundraiser for the Gilgit Baltistan
Revival Project. It exemplified the Nixor spirit of giving back to the community while celebrating
its milestones.
The anticipation for Nixor Day had been building up for days, with qualifying matches
commencing on the 7th of October and culminating on the grand day itself. House Activities and
Matches kicked off at 3:30 PM, featuring a spectrum of exciting competitions, including Formula
E Racing, Slam Poetry, and the finals for Futsal, Table Tennis, Throwball, Basketball, Rowing,
Tug of War, and the intellectually charged TA Jeopardy.
Nixor Hospital, in collaboration with The Indus Hospital, continued its long-held tradition of
conducting the Blood Drive on Nixor Day. This altruistic endeavor saw 110 visits, with 57
successful donations, earning precious house points along the way. The Hammerhead Sharks
led the way with 72 points, followed by the Tiger Sharks with 52, the Blacktip Sharks with 51,
and the Leopard Sharks with 44 points each.
As the day unfolded with fierce competition, the students’ enthusiasm and camaraderie were
palpable. The climax arrived with the announcement of the Nixor Day winner. The Tiger Sharks
emerged victorious, clinching the title with a commanding lead of 500 points, followed by the
Leopard Sharks in second place, the Blacktip Sharks in third, and the Hammerhead Sharks in
The closing ceremony, a fitting end to the day’s festivities, featured the cutting of the spectacular
birthday cake.
Nixor Day is more than just an annual celebration; it serves as a yearly testament to the Nixor
community’s steadfast dedication to excellence, unity, and giving back. It is an occasion to
treasure, which creates enduring memories for all who partake in it.