Shark On The Horizon

Much of my senior school years was spent under the gloomy shadow of covid, and the restrictions it brought ultimately sabotaged the ‘high school experience’. This made me look forward to college, as the phenomenon of covid grew fainter by the day and life was getting back to normal, I anticipated the arrival of this new chapter of my life that awaited me.

Back when my friends and I had applied to Nixor, I remember them often mentioning a certain ‘Summer Corporate’ and that all of us together would have to attend such a programme for memories’ sake. Now, if I’m being honest, the name was slightly misleading because after hearing the word “corporate”, I envisioned a dull and dreary office desk job where I would be subjected to mathematical calculations (which is anything but favorable), but it turned out to be quite the contrary.

Then, there came the day, all the entities were pitched to us and we had to decide which ones we gravitated toward the most. A thrilling experience, in itself, I got to meet a lot of different people and made a few friends. Obviously, after leaving school, the excitement for college was also accompanied by uncertainty.

Would I be able to make friends?

This fear of mine was quickly squashed as everyone was as receptive and welcoming as ever, just minutes after entering the premises, I had made a couple of friends. The basketball court was ablaze and alight, there were chants in every direction, and every entity had made their alluringly decorative booths, fluorescent charts inscribed with the entities, their mottos, and illustrations of their mascots. Left and right, people surrounded you, some pitched their entities, while others hopped from one booth to another, and with each hop, the decision seemed more and more perplexing, the dilemma was that every one of the entities was as tempting as ever. The variety where the entities are concerned was also a surprise, no other college offered such a programme with such a vast selection. There was an entity that covered every hobby I could imagine, from music, acting, and writing. I was also really amazed by the charity organizations that, in my opinion, really cater to important areas such as education, socially ostracized or disadvantaged groups in society, and even animals.

I decided to join Nixor Creative Studios (NCS) and Nixor Hospital (NH). My love for writing and my belief that there is undeniable power in both mediums, writing and filming, are brilliant outlets which have given a voice to social causes and movements throughout history and are essential. I joined NH, more for the experience, I believe that as a privileged person I must give back to society, to feel the pain of the underprivileged and help them out in any way possible, moreover, such experiences open your eyes to the reality of the world, make you more empathetic, and give you more to strive for.

When I met the executives, my anxiety went away, they were hilarious and inclusive and I bonded with them right away. Then the way was paved for the flooded goofy WhatsApp group chats, that we bickered and cracked jokes on, day and night.

Attending corporate events was an amazing source of thrill, joy and excitement, particularly the NHPL, which was an overnight event. I was able to make a lot of friends, I met many people who I hit it off with, in terms of humor, some that share the same interests as myself and I feel as though I’ve known them my entire life. This has made starting my academic term at Nixor less daunting. I think it’s an amazing way to break the ice and erase the fear and anxiety that is natural to the adolescent mind in such a position.

My experience has been nothing but lovely, and I’m grateful because I feel as though I’m a part of Nixor already and I can’t wait to embark on the real ‘Nixor Experience’.