Where To Turn For Mental Health?

Aren’t we all accustomed to feeling sorrow? Anger? Rejection? Joy? I bet none of you could say no. We all are a part of a puzzle, not identical, but just close enough to fit in. our emotions are similar, at times we feel quite disoriented, out of our minds, and helpless and we tend to question ourselves. One main question is on the tips of everyone’s tongue.

“Why me?”

This question is deep-rooted within our frame of mind, every day, at every inconvenience, we resort to this question, making ourselves feel isolated. A cliché phrase is that our childhood shapes us, a statement that holds a lot of merits because it is simply true. A blank canvas painted with colours we didn’t pick out. While it may feel like all hell is already broken loose, and we will forever be a prisoner to our minds, that isn’t true, because things can get better. Just acknowledging the fact that things will look up eventually, takes a lot of courage, it takes years to get to a point of expecting a life where you find yourself genuinely happy, and not having to fall apart the very next second, of feeling worthy enough to live.

This sense of belonging is provided by seeking help. It could be by merely sitting and providing yourself with words of affirmation, saying every emotion out as if you’re talking to everyone and no one at the same time. It can be done by journaling, taking small walks, working out, or doing anything that pleases you. Whilst this might help some people, others need professional help, and the right diagnosis to help them heal in life, this is often seen as quite stigmatized, due to which most people turn their back on it, but if anytime is the right time, it is now. If you suffer from anger issues and tend to fall back on this emotion at times of distress, therapy could work where the root of this anger can help you choose better coping methods, or anger management classes can yield good results as well. One of the things that have helped a lot of people is simply trying to be more social and outgoing, to meet new people amidst the chaos that life throws at you, to learn, and to grow. If any of this doesn’t resonate with you, always reach out to a friend, your college counsellor, or anyone you know who would help put things into perspective. Just saying how you are feeling out loud helps.

Now and then, this society is shown a mirror, reflecting on just how broken we all feel, showcasing the effect it has had on people by making very important things a taboo. The world is more aware now than it has ever been, now is the time to take a stand for yourself and say “no more!” now is the time to heal.