Rating: 4/5

This book made me question my instincts. And by that, I mean, this book was brilliant, to say the least. Phenomenally written. I couldn’t put it down and was on the edge of my seat wanting to get through it as fast as possible to know the whole picture. I had grown to sympathize with Amy since the start, felt like I was reading one of those cliché housewives, who just simply want their husband’s time, while their husbands are going around cheating with younger girls. I hated Nick, to say the least, the fact that he was mooching off of his wife’s money and was so hostile towards her bothered me so much. However, I didn’t see what was about to hit me like a brick. The fact that the writer changed the protagonist into an antagonist in mere chapters, had me awe-struck. Chef’s kisses for Gillian Flynn. I loved the whole plot of Amy taking her revenge, setting Nick up for a series of unfortunate events in his life, only to end up back with him, but this time, in control of him, rather than being an innocent housewife.

I can go on and on about the things I adored in this book, but let’s talk about some of the things I didn’t quite like. I didn’t get Nick’s sister, Go’s character. She was so weirdly close with Nick that it didn’t feel like a normal sibling relationship but always something more. It creeped me out from the start. Also, I hated the fact that Amy’s parents had put these unrealistic expectations on her, due to which she became this evil woman. The fact that they still didn’t know what a condescending, controlling, and manipulative child they had raised and kept seeing her from the lens of the “Perfect Amy” series, really got on my nerves. Overall, it was a really good read and one of the best murder mysteries I have ever read, and suffice it to say, I have read tons of them.